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art credit; DrawingLee

hello! welcome to my page, i hope you enjoy your time here!! =) i'm marisol/lyra, i'm 20, and i use he/she pronouns!! i consider myself extremely friendly and i love getting to know new people so please don't hesitate to hit me up through pms or ask me for my discord so we can talk more comfortably there!

i consider myself nonbinary transmasculine and gay (attracted to men & other nonbinary/masculine aligned people), but i newly consider myself heartgender! (a xenogender associated with concepts of lovecore and romance!), don't interact with me if you'll just make fun of this!


i don't really have a long one of those but please don't interact with me if you're bigoted/etc., if you are i will just block you so there is no point! i'm also wary of people who aren't gay/bi men but who speak extensively on our issues so please don't follow me if you're like this lol i will also block you. i'm also a big fan of mdzs but if you're like... at either end of the scale (uber militant about your takes or like... a weirdo who indulges in pedo/incest), please don't follow me! thanks! i also don't accept minors' follow requests (under 18), it's nothing personal! i'm just a Grown Up and i make adult jokes sometimes lol


shows; tian guan ci fu*, mo dao zu shi*, riverdale*, yu-gi-oh!, cardfight! vanguard*, banana fish, atla/lok, hxh, and many others i'll talk about!

books; shirley jackson novels, archie comics, pandora hearts, and more!

music; kpop (loona, twice, red velvet, itzy, everglow, weeekly, taemin, sunmi, chungha), bauhaus, sisters of mercy, the cure, the neighbourhood, snake river conspiracy, halestorm, flyleaf, paramore

Only ever in my dreams, I wrap my arms around you.